New iPhone is here!


Word of what the next iPhone was going to be was seen by
millions and millions on the net. When the engineer that was in charge of the
product left the prototype in a bar. And then gizmodo got its hand on the
product and posted pictures of the iPhone and many people around the world were
salivating to get their hands on the product.

So move forward to Monday June the 7th, the day
that will change how we communicate with people on a cell phone. Steve Jobs
made the announcement that many people were awaiting. The new iPhone is coming
out this June the 24th and you will know that there will long lines
awaiting to get their hands on this brand new device.

Many might say what is the all the craze about? Well first
and foremost the thing that Mr. Steve Jobs saved until the end of his keynote
speech to reveal was that you can talk to people via the frontal camera on the
phone, so you can have your very own videoconference. We might be saying that
this goes back to the days of when in the Jetsons they could talk to people on
the phone but at the same time you can see them on a screen. But now it is
reality and that feature on the iPhone just makes this product, the must have
product this summer. That feature is called Facetime. Now some of the drawbacks
of having Facetime are that the other person must have an iPhone 4 to be able
to talk to the other person. And they have to be on the wifi network. Steve
Jobs did say that they would work with the providers to see if they could offer
it in other form, like the 3g networks.

Some other things that make this phone very attractive to
people is that it takes HD video; it has a 5.0 mega pixel camera with flash. It
also has the same type of processor the iPad has, it is called the Apple A4
processor. Which makes this phone a little faster then its predecessor.  Like I mentioned before you can take HD
video. one of the big benefits of taking video on the phone is that you can
edit the video on your phone. You will say well we could do that with the
iPhone 3gs. True. But also announced at the conference was that you can
purchase in the App Store, the program called iMovie for only $4.99. You can
edit your videos like the pros on your phone.

Another feature that was discussed at the conference was the
multi-tasking feature. You can now go on more than one 3rd party
app. And not lose any battery life. Before if you if did that you would lose
significant battery life.  But also
a good thing about the multi-tasking feature is that, you can go back to the app
that you were on before and start where you left off.

Now you can also download books on your iPhone via the
iBooks section that will be included on all iPhone's, this site was included on
the iPad and is now being brought to the iPhone.  You can also store your apps in folders. Like you can have
all your gossip and entertainment apps in one folder and your games in another.

One thing that was presented was this. I know a lot of folks
out there will say well I just got my phone a year ago. And now they come with
this new phone. Well the folks at AT&T have said as long as you have had
your iPhone for 6 months you can upgrade to the new version.  Now if you remember back to my iPad
blog on how I said that if the iPad was a must have item. And I had said no.
Because it is just a big iPhone without the camera and making phone calls. I
was proven wrong on that assessment because the iPad has sold more than 2
million iPad and continue to sell at a fast pace. I will say this about the new
iPhone. It is a must have item. And I think it might be a bigger launch of a
product since the iPad. We might see each other in line waiting the iPhone or
just wait until a month later. We will see. Good luck guys and gals on your
journey for the iPhone 4.  GO

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