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The day is getting closer to becoming a reality. By this
time next week, some of many will have their hands on their new iPhone 4. I
would like to go over some stuff that you might find useful for anyone that
will want to get their hands on this prestigious phone, that is loved by many.

First and foremost there is a rumor floating around the
Internet that Apple will be producing close to 9 million iPhone 4's
worldwide.  If you saw the keynote
speech that Steve Jobs showed off the iPhone, he said that he would everyone to
be able to get their hands on this new technology. And if the rumor is true
then no person waiting in line for the phone will go empty handed. And maybe
there will be some iPhone's left over for the people, not wanting to get in

Most people will be waiting in line at their local Apple
store, or AT&T store. But there comes word that you can also get the same
iPhone that will be sold at these stores, you can them at your local Wal-Mart,
or you can also get it at your local Best Buy. The reason behind this thinking
for Apple and AT&T is that they don't want people to just be waiting in
line at these two stores. They would like to spread people around, so they can
have a better chance of getting their own iPhone 4.

This is where if you have experience going out on Black
Friday for the sales. You will know how to get your hands on an iPhone. Think
about it, you head out with your friends you get to your local AT&T store
or Apple store. And they run out on the phone. So you call up your friends and
tell them do they have any at the Wal-Mart? If they say yes, they will rush to
get to that location as soon as possible.

But I still think that it is a smart choice to just wait it
out and see what type of bugs the phone has. And after they fix those bugs.
Then you can go out and buy the phone. There is always a case that they have
trouble activating the phone. So we will see what the future holds for all us
iPhone users. So good luck to all the people that will camp out in line to get
their hands on the phone, and may you enjoy the phone. 


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  • first of all, this article was made on 6/14 and the iphone wont be available till 6/24 so a week from now, people wont have the iphone yet. second of all, i think most people will be in line for the pre-order tomorrow, 6/15, dont you think? idk lol

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