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Hey guys! Thanks for joining today's end of the week blog.
As many who read my last blog, I was raving about the iPhone and a friend said
it was too pro iPhone and that there was a phone that was a whole lot better
than the iPhone. And of course I was aware of the phone because a friend had
told me some time back that if this phone was a good phone to purchase and from
what I was able to comprehend from the info, it was a great buy. And the friend
went ahead and bought the phone and is happily using it at this present

Well the phone that I'm going to discuss now is the HTC Evo
4G from Sprint. Now if you are not a fan of AT&T's service that I would
advise that you go with this phone. From first look at the phone it is look too
big compared to the iPhone. But some of the benefits of the phone are mind
blowing as well.  First and
foremost the phone has an 8 mega-pixel camera compare that to the iPhone 4 that
is coming out, which has an 5 mega-pixel camera. It blows it out of the
water.  It has a 1ghz processor, a
4.3-inch display that is very big. Which is very beneficial if you are going to
use your phone to display movies. And that is one of the selling points that
the company promoted when the phone was coming out. They would display the
movie Transformers and the picture looked remarkable. It does also include a
stand, which you can sit on a table and the phone acts a TV.

Now you might ask if you take pictures on this phone does it
have a hard drive like the iPhone? Well no it doesn't. It has a MicroSD slot
inside the phone. There are some benefits of having that type of memory. One
you can store information, photos, and songs on that memory card. And you can
transfer it from your phone to your computer. One very good thing that this
phone offers is that the phone acts as its own wireless hotspot. Meaning that
you can turn one the wifi on your phone and it sends out wireless signals. What
that means is that you connect laptops that have wireless access or any phone
that has wifi. No other phone currently on the market offers that advantage.

It has also has an HDMI out port. Meaning you can connect
your phone to a high definition TV and you can show off the photos that you
have taken on your phone, or you can show off any movies from your phone. Now one
of the things that the phone has is 4G capabilities, we all here in Chicago
have seen the ads that Clear offers 4G service. But it is a very young
technology that you have to ride out the up and down times. But it still works
on the 3G services.

In conclusion I would like to say if you are not satisfied
with your iPhone or with the AT&T service. Then this is the phone to get.
It has everything that you would in a phone and more.

We all here in Chicago pretty much know that our beloved
Blackhawks clinched the Stanley Cup this past Wednesday night. I would like to
take time on this blog to step away from the tech talk and say Congrats
Blackhawks on a job well done. 

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