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The last two days at E3 have been every gamers New Years Eve
or Christmas all into one. So if you are a hardcore gamer or just a casual
gamer. Or if you have son or daughter that will be asking you for any of the
systems or games that I am going to profile here. Then just be warned of what
little Timmy or Courtney will be bugging you for this Christmas season. Then
let's start profiling the big products announced from the 3 top gaming

First came word Monday that Microsoft would be releasing a brand
new Xbox 360. It is a smaller, sleeker design, not like the bulky 360 that presided
before. It has one big fan inside the 360, compared to the 2 small fans that
the previous model had. And you notice the difference, it is very quiet when
the fans turns on as many 360 users have said when the fans turn on the model
that many of us has, it sounds like a plane about to take off. The new version
will include Wireless 802.11 N and a 250 GB hard drive. Microsoft Xbox 360 will
be releasing their new venture into being like the Wii. They presented the
Kinetic, it basically looks like a new system that attaches to your 360, it
includes a camera that recognizes your body and follows the movement that you
do. The camera that it has gives you the chance to take a picture of what you
are doing and you can then post it on your Facebook page. And you know that if
you have a party or friends over for a gathering, they will take a picture of
you and also post it online. Of course with the new Kinetic system they have games
to compare to the Wii Sports. The Kinetic system is ready for pre-orders on
Gamestop for $149.99. The games for the new Kinetic system sell for $60
dollars.  There was also word from
Ubisoft that they would release some time in the future a game featuring the
late Michael Jackson. And the game would be perfect for the Kinetic system, so
if you ever wanted or have kids that are fascinated by how Michael danced? Well
now you can dance like Michael. 

Nintendo then announced on Tuesday that they would be
venturing into 3D. Yes you heard that right 3D the one thing that I have not
been a fan of. They will be releasing the Nintendo 3DS. The 3DS is similar to
the DS the difference is the 3D meter that is on the right side of the screen.
You can turn the meter from regular 2D to 3D. So that is a good thing. And
another good thing about the 3D is that you won't need any glasses to see the
3D on the 3DS. They also made announcements for the Wii. They will be releasing
games with Mario called Mario Sports Mix, in this game you can participate in
volleyball, basketball with Mario and his fellow characters. Also Donkey Kong
will be on the Wii with a new game that looks very interesting. I would highly
recommend that for your Wii.

Following Nintendo on Wednesday came the press conference from Sony.
Today's key word was 3D. So Sony PS3 announced that they would be indulging
into the world of 3D.  They said
that about 20 games would be in 3D by March of 2011. Some of the games
announced that would make into the world of 3D are the following, Killzone 3,
Gran Turisimo 5, Mortal Kombat, NBA 2k11, the one that really interests me is
the Mortal Kombat so be on the look out for this on your PS3. Now Sony wants to
steal some customers from Wii and they have created the Move. The move basically
looks like a microphone. But with the Move you play golf like Tiger Woods. They
demonstrated how you could use the new version of Tiger Woods 2011 and use the Move;
you would be using the Move like you would be swinging a golf club like you
would on the links. Now most of you say, how can I get this? Well first and
foremost if you already a PS3 and have the eye camera from Sony, then all you
would need is the Move controller. Now if you don't have the eye camera, but
have the system. You need to get the Move controller and the camera, if you don't
have a PS3, then you would need to buy a bundle package. The bundle includes
the system, the move controller that I mentioned, the sports champions' game
that is similar to the Wii Sports version and the camera. This all goes for
$400 dollars.

So parents be warned and kids get your lists ready for your




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