free wifi!

We all know the saying that goes "if it's free then it's for
me." Well add another thing to the free things that we all love.

We all have been to a Starbucks have we not? And we all know
that at these Starbucks location you can surf the web. Before it was only if
you were an AT&T client you would have been able to access the wifi
network. If you weren't a client of AT&T then you would have had to pay a
fee.  But now Starbucks has opened
the free usage to any user of any network to able to use the free wifi. Whether
you are using a laptop or a cell phone with wifi.

And that is always a good thing because who wants to be
paying to use the Internet when they are sipping their coffee early in the
morning or late at night. Now most locations offer free wifi usage to any
client that is at their location. I know that Borders bookstores if you are in
their locations, you are able to get on their free wifi network. We all here in
Chicago know that if you are in any Chicago Public Library you are able to
access their wifi network for free; all you have to do is agree to an agreement
that the Chicago Public Library has.

Now we all have heard in Chicago how Richard Daley really
wants to make wifi free all over Chicago. We have not seen it. And there are
other U.S cities that do offer free wifi access all over the city. There are
some people that might say I steal wifi from my neighbor from the store next
door to me, from the school across from me. But is that really the right thing
to do? In my opinion I think not. I will explain why, if you are able to access
that network, in most cases it is not secure. So then if it is not secure then
you are leaving your computer open for anyone, they could steal any information
on your computer like your passwords, what sites you go on, or worse yet they
could leave a virus on your computer.

 So be very careful of what wifi networks you access. That is
why I highly recommend that if you are stealing someone's wifi signal. It is at
your own risk. But the rest of us are very careful I recommend at public
locations. Like the Starbucks, public libraries, they are safe locations. 

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