Free phones! I'm not lying.


First off I want to correct a little issue on my Monday blog
I stated that by next week that the iPhone 4 would be available. What I should
have said was that it will be available on June the 24th.  So it is my error, sorry guys.

So now we move onto the business on hand. It is the end of
the week and the weekend begins. Well as I mentioned above that one June the 24th
Apple and AT&T will be releasing the iPhone 4. So as we all know rivals are
trying anything to pry way any customers that they can. And there is word that
on this Saturday at any official T-Mobile store and other businesses that carry
T-Mobile phone, but you need to contact that business if they are having the
sales at the store. They will be having a sale of all sales. So the details of
the sale of all sales are as follows.

Any phone in the store will be free. Yes you heard right
Free! There are no rebates in order for your phone to get the phone. But like
anything there is a catch to this sale. The catch is this you need to add any
extra line to your account and you can get any phone for free. You can also
come into the store and say I have canceled my phone line with AT&T and
want a T-Mobile phone. You can but you need to add an extra line to be able to
qualify for the sale.

You might say that they might offer the cheapest phones that
T-Mobile has. Well no my friends. Every phone that T-Mobile has will be free.
It could be the my touch phone, the newest phone the Garmin phone, Blackberry
Curve, the HTC HD2, and the Blackberry Bold. So if you are a T-Mobile user and
you want to get in on the deal. Just add a second line to your account and you
get any phone that I mentioned. Or if you are dissatisfied with the provider
that you currently have then go over to any T-Mobile store in your area and be
prepared on adding a second line to your bill.

I personally think that this could be a great sale if you
are currently on with T-Mobile. But if you are currently with another provider,
there is the fear in order for you to get out of the contract you would need to
pay a high amount of money. Do you really want to pay that much money to just
get the free phone? It depends on the user. So if you are going to get the free
phones. Good luck.


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