Droid X haunts iPhone 4?

Thursday was the big day for Apple and everyone waiting in
line at various Apple stores. They might be right now just messing around with
their iPhone 4's and using the various upgrades from the iPhone 3gs. But as we
all know there is always someone out there willing to beat you. And that does
not change with Apple. Apple is seen as the mighty giant that everyone is
trying to catch. And I think with the last 2 devices that have come out in
recent weeks they might be willing to go a step further from Apple.

 If you remember that I blogged about the HTC EVO for Sprint
and I was amazed at the features that the phone possessed. But now there is
another contender entering the arena. Add to the mix the Droid X from Verizon
Wireless. Some of the features on this phone are ridiculous. For example it has
an 8-mega-pixel camera. It records in 720p High Def and plays back in High
Def.  You can also hook up the
phone to a HD TV via the HDMI out connection on the phone. The phone can be a
mobile hotspot. Meaning that any phone has a wifi connection will be able to
connect with this phone. The maximum number or devices that connect are 5 wifi
devices.  But it requires you to
have a 3g mobile hotspot plan. Another thing that it beats the iPhone in is, it
will be Flash support. Now we all know the battles that Apple has had with
Adobe about iPhone and iPad not having Flash support.  But for this phone it will available late this summer.  Another very nice thing that this phone
has is that, while you are surfing the Internet on your phone you can have as
much as 8 browser windows open.

 The memory on the phone is basic 8 GB but you can expand it
to as high as you want with removable memory that would be like your typical
Micro SD card.  You can add 16 GB
and you make the phone a 24 GB phone or you can go as high as 32 GB and you can
have a 40 GB phone.  Now everyone
loves to have a turn-by-turn navigation on his or her phones. So Verizon offers
that feature on this phone and most of their line of phones. Now the battery as
we all know owning a iPhone you are not able to remove the battery or able to
replace unless it somehow dies out, you have to take it to your local AT&T
store or Apple store to get it replaced. The nice thing that the Droid X has is
that you can replace and remove the battery from the phone.

 We all know that App's are great on Smart
phones now. And it doesn't disappoint on the Droid X. The have available the
NFL mobile app that is only available on the Verizon network.  And the Blockbuster App, which allows
you to view movies on your phone. So I you are a Verizon customer, you must be
really awaiting this phone. And if any of the iPhone users that are not
satisfied with their iPhone, they can get this phone and be happy


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  • i have a motorola droid phone and am thinking about switching to an iphone when my contract's up next year because there are too many crashes with the android os especially with 3rd party apps and the battery life is poor. my friends who have iphone love them mostly because of the apps but hate the att-only service which maybe will get straighten out by next year.

  • yeah! well it is kind of like a back and forth thing, because I use an Iphone and don't get me wrong I love what the phone does. But the thing that kind of brings it down is the call quality. It drops and all that sort of stuff. But I see from your comments that Verizon has those problems too.

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