Apple is #1?

I may have said this some time back in one of my past blogs
and it is still holding true. Apple sets the mark and no one can come close to
what they have achieved. And you may ask what have they achieved? They are the
top tech manufacturer at this time.

Now just take into account what happened the past 4
days.  The iPhone 4 has been
selling like hotcakes and continues to sell at a rapid pace. Apple announced
yesterday that they have sold close to 1.7 million in the 3 days that it went
on sale, which is very astounding. And there is still people waiting for the
iPhone 4. Many people have been turned away from Apple stores and AT&T
stores so just how many people will have an iPhone 4 when they get their hands
on the phone. If you remember from my first post about the iPhone 4, Steve Jobs
said he would like to have sold about 9 million iPhone 4's worldwide. Here in
the U.S he has done the first million, so the next 8 million should be very
easy to them.

Then we all know how the craze over the iPad has turned everyone
into an iPad user. About a week ago they had made an announcement that they had
sold close 3 million iPad's in just 80 days. That is also very astonishing
news. If you remember from my very first blog, I had said that the iPad was
just a very big iPhone minus the making of calls. But to just prove that I
don't have a pulse with the nation. They have drove, walked up to AT&T
stores, Apple stores and gotten their hands on the iPad.

So just like the iPod, which every human being on this
earth, knows how one looks. And would really like to get their hands on one if
they don't own one. And it is a very rare occasion if a person does not know
how an iPod looks or knows what it does. Apple went into the Mp3 market and
conquered any rival by crushing them beyond existence. I mean take into account
this, there was always a more cheaper Mp3 player that would do what an iPod
does, but the question we always have to ask ourselves is this, if somehow that
cheap Mp3 player breaks down and they do break down, who is going to take care
of it? If you buy a cheap Mp3 player from JCPenney, do you think they are going
to take care if it, if it breaks down? They might just say go to the
manufacturer whoever that might be. And that is one reason people have gone
with Apple for an iPod.

The computers are one of the most popular among college
students. If you are on any college campus, you will find that most of the
students are using an Apple laptop, and you might ask why? Many will say they
look cool and hip. And it is, because if you look on any show on TV, if they
are using a laptop 90% of the time it will be an Apple laptop. But if you are a
tech person like myself. I would just that I like the Apple laptop for the
simple reason that it could expensive but it is very reliable and you get more
from this machine that you do with any other PC laptop.

So now you see the reasons why Apple has conquered every
venture they have ventured in. What will we see from Apple? Only time will

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  • Apple's not #1 in customer loyalty. They have a long-standing history of taking advantage of fanboys like me by not offering decent upgrade paths for their hardware, gouging us for MobileMe, treating AppleTV as a hobby...I could go on but lets leave it at they're #1 by a mile in getting out the coolest stuff -- not so much anything else.

  • Well that is true that if you walk into a Apple store that they don't offer you the upgrade possibilties on your hardware for example you walk into a store and they don't tell you the maximum capacity on your computer. For that you need to go on the Apple store website and there you can upgrade to what you want. Mobile me is a good service, no doubt but I think that it is too much, that is why there is talk of it being offered for free soon. Apple TV has never gotten the exposure that most of their other products have. But that is what I meant in saying that they are number 1 in getting people to buy stuff and make money.

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