Who's got an IPad?

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We all know that the IPad has been a very popular tech tool
in the past month. It has brought a craze from everyone from kids to adults.
And we expected something like this to happen because Apple almost always
delivers on the hype machine. There are a few disappointments but overall they
have delivered.


There have been stores selling out on the IPad even the
Apple store has sold out on both versions of the IPad. And we all know that is
a very good thing if things get sold out very quickly. Now they announced a
week ago that the IPad would go on sale over seas, on May 28th but
you could preorder the IPad on May 10th. The following countries get
the first shot at the IPad Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan,
Spain, Switzerland, and United Kingdom get the first shot. Then in July which
is about 2 months away the next countries to get shot at the IPad are Austria,
Belgium, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore get
the next shot.

But as we all know any of us that get our hands on one of these
hot items, either we really want it. Or we just want to make a profit. And that
is what some people are doing and they go on EBay and sell their Ipad's and who
is the people getting a hold on these devices, well people from outside countries
of the U.S. and sometimes they over pay for the device. I was reading in the NY
Times, that the following people have bought the device. 65% of the devices
being sold on EBay are being bought overseas. Nerds in the United Arab Emirates
are very anxious to get their hands on the device that they paid $537 over the
retail price. Greeks although they are in a time of crisis right now, they
bought the device $269 over the retail price.

The country that has bought the most IPads are the British,
which has bought about 550 IPads, though close behind the British, are Canada
and Australia.  Arab nerds have
wanted the high-powered IPad, the 64 GB IPad.  While the Russian nerds have wanted the simple 16 GB IPad and
they have bought only 215 IPads.

So if you have an IPad lying around somewhere you might want
to hook me up. But if you want to make a profit, there might be a nerd
somewhere in Europe that will be willing to make a deal with you. 

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