the death of the floppy


All of us know when exactly we started using a computer it
could be when we needed to do a paper for school, or if we needed to research
stuff on the Internet for school. But do you remember the age of the floppy
disk? Many who were born in the 90's may not. But anyone from the 80's and 70's

As we all know the floppy disk has died out. I mean any
computer that is made now well not have a floppy drive to use, more people use
USB flash drives, or burn info onto a CD. There was also the age of the Zip
disk. It held more info than your average floppy disk way more as a matter of
fact. But you rarely do you find those drives on a regular computer and they
are mostly only used by design students, but if you remember the floppy disk
they were very big, it had the size of a CD case with a hole in the middle and
you just inserted into the floppy drive and just shut the door. And then it
evolved into the floppy disk that we are more familiar with.

But why did it go into extinction? Well as we know like I
mentioned before the USB flash drive took over. The flash drive comes in
different memory sizes it started out with a 128 mega byte sizes, 256 mega
bytes, 512 mega bytes, 1 giga bytes, 2 giga bytes. But more people would like
to use a 1-giga byte or a 2-giga byte. Why you may ask? Well first and foremost
if you want to compare it to the floppy disk, the floppy held only 1.35 mega
byte worth of information and then compare that to a flash drive that held 1
giga byte or a 2 giga byte worth of information, there was no comparison.

You may ask why? Well the floppy disk you can only store
your basic word documents and Excel files some photos but that is about it. But
now with the flash drive you have multiple things you can store on a USB flash
drive. Well for example you can store documents on the flash drive you can
store music, photos, and apps. There was never a way for you to store music on
a flash drive. It didn't have the capacity to hold that much info on a simple
floppy. And that is why it died off; it didn't give you the flexibility to
store a lot of info. So adios floppy disk it was nice knowing you.



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  • the death of the floppy

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