Reasons not to get a macbook air?

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As you have known from some of posts I am a fan of the Apple
brand and that they offer great products. But I have to bash them for a product
that I was never have been a fan of since it came out and no it's not the iPad
that I have mentioned in past posts. It is a laptop that I will mention.

The laptop that I have no love of since the day that it
started production and it was announced in one of the conferences that Apple
announces products. And the laptop that I show no love towards is the Macbook
Air. The Macbook Air is a very thin laptop; no doubt that it is very light
weight easy to carry around. As you may have seen in the commercials when they
promoted the Macbook Air it fit into an envelope that you would send very
important documents. It has the web cam where you can chat with people over the
Internet, or you can take pictures from the web cam and then post them online.

But the problem I have with the laptop is that it doesn't have a CD and
DVD drive, and if you do want a CD and DVD drive you would need to buy it as an
attachment. Which I think that it's a joke. Come on! Who wants to add an
attachment to a laptop to just do a simple task? When they announced that the
laptop was coming out they mentioned that they can do everything wireless. Now
I understand that you can print wireless. And I have no problem with that.

You can't install programs wirelessly, from what I have
known most programs need to be installed on a CD or DVD. Now the only way I see
a program being installed onto a computer not using a CD or DVD, is by doing it
a way that is not a way that I promote, downloading it illegally.

If you remember the doubts that I had with the iPad that it
was an oversized iPhone. This Macbook Air is just a lightweight iPhone that
looks like a laptop.

Now last that if they think that this laptop is going to be
big seller. I am not seeing it. If you go on any college campus or at any
coffee shop, you will see any Macbook or Macbook Pro but I haven't even seen
any person own or use a Macbook Air. So hopefully Steve Jobs and the Apple
brand rethinks the plan and omit the Macbook Air from their product line and
bring a more affordable laptop for everyone. Think about it. 

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