New iPhone coming!

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for iphone_home.gifWe all know that new things come out in the summer. Like
summer blockbuster movies, summer loves. And various other things, now comes
word that there will be a new iPhone coming out in the next couple weeks.

Now as you may have read on one of my previous blogs. A
blogger was able to obtain a prototype of the new iPhone that will be coming
out soon. And at the same time at this launch there will be a new OS for the
iPhone 3gs, which will be the OS 4.0. There is also word that if you want to
obtain an iPhone 3gs for cheap you can get it at Wal-Mart. The price that
Wal-Mart will be selling the iPhone 3gs is 97 dollars. And you need to purchase
the 2 yr contract with AT&T. And it always happens whenever a new iPhone
comes out, Walmart will always sell the previous model for a lower price.

The age-old question comes into effect; will you be
purchasing the 3gs version of the iPhone or will you wait until the new version
comes out? And we all know by now that Apple always comes out with new
products, just as soon as you buy one of their products. And then you ask
yourself "why did I get it?" and you may then want to go back to the store and
ask to exchange for the newest model. Many times they will say no. And just
wait until your contract ends. And then you can get the newer model. But by
then a more new model will come out.

So what will be the feature that you could tip the scales to
make you run out and get the newest iPhone? Well one thing I am very much
intrigued is a front camera on the phone. Meaning that you can have video
conferences with people over the iPhone. We will see what happens on June the 7th
when Mr. Steve Jobs makes his announcement at the Keynote speech at the
Worldwide Developers conference. I will have you guys updated on what Mr. Steve
Jobs introduces at the conference. And if the iPhone will get the makeover that
we all have read about. So stay tuned

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