Today's Monday blog will be a little bit different from past
blogs. I'm not going to talk about tech stuff this time around. I will be
talking about a topic that affects everybody who is going to be reading this
blog. I will be providing an angle from both sides. And some of you might agree
with me and some might not.

As we may have heard a new law has been passed into law in
Arizona that basically gives the police of Arizona to stop anyone who looks
like an illegal. So basically if you look like an illegal you will be stopped
and must provide acceptable ID's to be basically left alone. Now when the
controversial law was passed by governor Jan Brewer, the question was raised
how do you know who's illegal and who's not? Her response well I don't know,
but we will be studying and then provide an adequate description of who's
illegal. I would like to see what kind of description they come out with. Now
another question that was raised was isn't this like racial profiling? And the
governor's response our police will not be racial profiling. I think that is
B.S. Because the police in these areas have always wanted to have a motive to
stop any Mexican and ship them back to Mexico. This is why I love living in
Chicago. The Mayor of Chicago has always said that he welcomes immigrants to
the city. Basically he has stated many times. Immigrants built this country,
and that is why this city is a great city. You have Little Village and Pilsen
where the Mexican community lives. Humboldt Park area has all the Puerto Rican community;
Chinatown has you know all the Asian Americans that live there. And because of
that law that was passed everyone has tried to avoid Arizona. The federation of
Mexican boxers has said that as long as that law has been passed no Mexican
boxer will box in Arizona. That will affect them because basically any boxer
that is trying to make it to Nevada to box in the big time is Mexican. So
you're loss Arizona.

Now the other argument that got on my nerves, was that the
governor or Arizona stated that they have waited for a long time for some sort
of Immigration reform to be passed by the government and nothing has happened
so they had to take some sort of action. Now I have heard people stated from
all sides that they would like Immigration reform to be passed by President
Obama, since he promised this to us within the first 100 days of his tenure as
President. Please guys do you not know how in what shape the country former
President Bush left. He left Obama to fix the economy, which was in shambles. The
work situation, which a good portion of the county was left without work. The
health care reform that he worked hard to get passed and look how long that
took to get passed. The housing market which every homeowner was losing their
houses because of mortgages they couldn't pay it back. And he has calmed that
situation down. So give Obama some time he has a lot on his plate that he had
to take care that was more important he will get to the Immigration reform,
give it time.

Now there were protests in front of Wrigley field the other
day because of the Arizona Diamondbacks were here to play the Chicago Cubs. Now
my beef with that was this. That was not the place to protest first and
foremost. It was a baseball game. They had nothing to do with the Immigration
law that was passed. And there was a person who tore up his tickets. Why?  He was an idiot. If you want to let out
your anger towards Arizona, go to Arizona and go to the governor's office and
speak your mind.

The ICE agents treat the immigrants like they are
criminals. When in reality they are not. I have heard of cases of people scared
to open up the doors to their houses because the ICE agents are at the door and
what do they do? They tear houses looking for the immigrants that live there.
All they are trying to do is just make it in this world. Just like you and me. 

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