Google coming to a TV near you


The evolution of television takes another turn now we all
have experienced the change from black and white to color, from color TV to HD
TV, and now a new addition to the TV that will change how we see a TV.

Google made an announcement this Thursday at it's annual
conference called the I/O conference. The announcement is something that could
change how we watch television forever. This new upgrade to the TV will come to
Sony TV's and it will include Google TV on the new Sony TV's. They will work
together with Intel. Basically the addition to the TV will be high-powered
Intel chips that will run the Google TV program on the TV. And it will add
about an additional $100 dollar price tag to the TV's.

You might say so what does the upgrade do? Well it just brings
the Internet to the TV.  It
combines your traditional TV programming with Internet video and it would allow
to you to search for programs with going through a lot of on screen TV
directories Google will face a lot of challenges, they must convince most TV
manufacturers to somehow include the new upgrade on their TV sets other than
Sony. The manufacturers have their doubts about including Internet on a TV.

Tivo has been on the market for some time and they have
struggled in trying to generate some buzz. One thing that could benefit Google
in the long run is that LG and Samsung have phones running the Android OS on
their phones. Google might say you have the Android OS running on your phones;
maybe you would like to include it on your TV's.

One competitor that is already out on the market with it's
own set top box is Apple. With the Apple TV, it has not sold like most of their
Apple products. But you know if Google comes out with this product and is
successful. Apple will not be far behind in creating it's own TV, or they could
have something including their newest creation the IPad to somehow make it sync
up to a TV. Who knows? Good luck Google. 

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