Free Office Software?


We all have used the Microsoft Office suite at one time. And
I know that most high school, college students have used it to do their term
papers, written essays. There is word coming out that Microsoft will be doing
something special but it will not benefit who needs it more.

The Microsoft Office 2010 that is coming out will be part
desktop software and part Internet app. As we all know that the Office suite
includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook they will be offering it for free
online to combat the Google software available online.

For the first time the free online version will give you the
option of storing your important documents online rather than storing them on
your personal computer.  If
everything goes according to what Microsoft expects this can motivate more
users to come back to use Microsoft Office.  Right now it is available for businesses. It will range in
prices, if you want the free version be ready to see ads in that version. If
you want the full-blown version it run for as much as $500 dollars. And both
versions will be available to consumers in June.

A benefit of this new 2010 version is that you will be able
to share your documents over the Internet, rather than emailing files back and
forth. Also Microsoft has given the user to be able to switch between online
version to computer version.  If it
sounds like it is a version already in use, it is because it is Google, Adobe
have been giving away apps like Office but have hardly made an impact into this
market. This is why Office will offer this and many more users will be happy
with the results.

Many big companies have held off on upgrading their computer
systems. And in some cases the companies are using 4-5 year old computers. But
with the good reviews that Windows 7 have gotten, some people feel that they
will upgrade their computer systems along with the new version of Office. If
only Microsoft would have offered the software free for the consumer and then
the Businesses it would have been sweeter. I mean people use the word of mouth
a lot. And if the software is as good as advertised. The consumer would pass
this along to their friends, family and co-workers. We will see how this all
turns out for everyone involved. 


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  • I find OpenOffice is a great alternative. It's free and works very well with GoogleDocs and Zoho. It's like my Offline Zoho or Google Docs. Very useful when the Internet is slow or not available. In fact, I find it has several features that 'online word processors' don't (& I'm not even a power user) ;)

    I use the extension OpenOffice.org2GoogleDocs (gdocs_2.2.0.oxt 2.2.0): This extension helps me upload to Google Docs or Zoho in just 2 clicks!

    I also sometimes use Lotus Symphony which I find very helpful.

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