Evolution of TV

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How we look at TV programs, game shows, soap operas,
sporting events has evolved over time and has come into the 21st
century with technology that we probably never thought we were going to see.

As you may have known when the video iPod first made its presence
into our lives, it really changed how we looked at anything that we saw on TV.
When it first made its debut, Apple sold TV shows online where you could sync
it to your iPod and you can see it on the go. They also offered music videos
where you could show off to your friends the latest video of your favorite
artist. Over time they have upgraded their selections in the iTunes store. They
now offer movies where you can either rent the movie, or buy the movie. You can
rent or buy the latest movie to come out on DVD and take with you on the go.
Now also most DVD companies offer when the latest title comes out, they also
offer a digital download, meaning that you can download the movie to your
portable device which ever it might be.

Like I mentioned with time, the way we look at TV has
evolved. Like there is an App available on most Smartphones. It is called
MobiTV the app offers you to subscribe to their service and you can watch most
TV shows on your cell phone. You can watch any Disney Channel show, Nickelodeon,
Comedy Central shows. FOX news, CNBC shows, NBC sports mobile, ESPN mobile TV.
Now the App is free and you can see only a limited number of shows. But in
order to get to see all the channels the app offers you need to purchase their
service.  You can get this service
for $9.99 a month.  The smartphone
has changed how we look at any sporting event. You can download any sports App
like MLB at bat, NBA League Pass. With MLB at bat you need to purchase a monthly
payment plan with MLB.TV and you can watch your favorite teams wherever you
are. You can be in Europe and you can keep up to date with what your favorite
team is doing. But with the basic package you get with MLB at bat you can
listen to any baseball game that you wish. And they have a MLB.TV free game of
the day. Meaning you can look at the game for free. NBA League pass you need to
also purchase a monthly payment plan. And then you can also see any game you
wish, wherever you are. You could be at a wedding and your missing the playoff
game. So now with this invention you can just take out your mobile phone and
run the NBA league pass App and you can see the game.

As time as gone by the evolution of the portable TV has
changed drastically. You must remember people either carrying a portable TV with
the long antenna and many times that TV was in black and white, it rarely came
in color. So if you were someone who was accustomed to seeing your shows in
color and then to see it in black and white was kind of weird. But now there is
a now is a portable TV that comes in color and offers you the same channels as
with MobiTV that I mentioned above and even more.  The name of the TV that I'm going to mention is FLO TV, its
very portable and very stylish. Now the TV goes for about $200 dollars and they
have different payment plans. You can purchase a 1-year pre pay plan for about
$150 and you for an extra 50 dollars you can purchase a two-year plan. Or you
can pay on a monthly basis, which goes for $15 dollars. Just doing the math you
are better off doing a 1-year plan and not go with the monthly plan. You spend
more going on a monthly plan basis then you do with the yearly plan. 

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