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Do you remember the days when people had pen pals and wrote
letters to each other and put a stamp to mail the letter? Well those days are
over with technology. And it has gotten better fore everyone.


As we all know the Internet has brought us closer. I mean
with Facebook being offered to everyone and not just to college or university
students it has brought relatives from other countries together. And you can
keep up to date with their postings and photos that they post. Before there was
Facebook you could just simply send an email and attach photos.

To take it a step further the web cam has brought people
more close together and also businesses have saved money with web cams. First
people can also communicate with people via the web cam that could be included
with your laptop. And the fabulous software that you can download to your
computer to make the web cam useful and mostly every TV program has this
software to talk to people in other parts of the world via the Skype video
software. You can talk to relatives or friends that you have not seen or heard
from in a long time. And now you can talk to them via Skype. Now businesses use
teleconferencing to be able to talk to clients from other states, countries and
be able to save time and airfare money.

Twitter is another program that does offer benefits to be
able communicate with people via the 140 characters that you have to input into
the program. And many athletes, comedians, TV stars, movie stars and of course
regular people have Twitter accounts and they use them to communicate with
people via the Twitter feed. Many people follow the stars and see what they are
doing and what their lives are like. And in many cases like I mentioned in one
of my past posts, it has helped get people saved in certain disasters that have
happened recently. They can just let people know I am okay or just to say we need
help in this area. Technology has helped us in many things, which we never thought
could happen.

Technology is here to stay, so enjoy the ride.

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