Apple vs Nintendo who wins?

Apple vs Nintendo who wins?

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The war is on Nintendo versus Apple, who will win? Well from
the point of view from this blogger. I think Apple has beaten Nintendo. And
Nintendo needs to come back with something spectacular to blow away the
consumers and Apple, to make them start worrying about Nintendo.

A few weeks back Nintendo announced that Cupertino was the
"enemy of the future" meaning that Apple has taken over the word of portable
gaming that Nintendo once ruled. As we all know the iPhone and iPod touch have
taken over the world as it was with the iPod. But add to the fact that the
iPhone and iPod touch have the ability to play game on these devices. And many
times the games available for both of these devices, they are way cheaper than
they are with Nintendo's games. And add to the fact that the new iPad came out
not long ago, and it has soon been selling out like hotcakes. And that is
always good for a company like Apple. Because if you recall when the Wii came
out they would always run out of shipments and people really wanted to get
their hands on a Wii. And now everyone wants to get his or her hands on an

Who doesn't remember playing Sonic on the Sega Genesis
systems? After the Sega Genesis system went into extinction. We were left with
just the memories of playing Sonic. But now comes word that Sega, (who has only
been focusing on software and games) will be making a brand new Sonic, called
Sonic 4. Now you might say well there is some versions already out on the
iPhone and iPod touch. But they are just emulators of the old games that we
used to play. This new version that is coming out will be able to use the
iPhone, iPod touch to its full advantage.  

While we wait for Sonic to come to the iPhone and iPod
touch, we just wait and wait for Mario Bros to invade Apple. Will the two
giants meet and forget their differences and become and bigger and better

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