Apple on top of the mountain

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Who would have thought of this becoming the headline story,
but from what I have heard everyone left this company for dead about 25 years
ago. And the coming back of the prodigal son has proved to be the right move
for a company that has thrived in the long run.

The company that I am talking about is Apple. Now let me
tell you the story of 25 years ago. During that time, Mr. Steve Jobs was
working with the company. And then they let him go. So many industry insiders
said that you could kiss the company good bye. They would not exist without
him. So then fast forward to 1996 they bring Mr. Steve Jobs back and ever since
that moment. The company has risen from the ashes, and like the Phoenix is a
beautiful bird flying high.

There was word a couple days ago that Apple has taken first
place in the tech companies. Over taking Microsoft, and that is a major shift.
You might ask why? Well as we all know that every company in the world is
running a Microsoft program on their computer systems. But as we know the computers
are almost over taking the PC. Because they are most reliable machines, rarely
do they break down. And you can do more and better things on an Apple computer.
And add to the fact that there was also word that CAD programs that normally
run on PC computers. Will be featured on an Apple computer.

Going back to the year of 1996. We know that the rage of at
that time was to be carrying around a Sony Walkman. And the came Steve Jobs
back to Apple and he worked hard to overtake that company. And they really did.
The introduction of the Apple iPod, and has it taken over. Any person that is
out in the subway, walking around the city, at your local gym they has an iPod
on listening to music. There are still some people that do use a portable CD
player but the percentages of people are minimal. And also take into account
most of the new cars coming out, are including iPod integration into their
cars. And Sony has tried to regain some of their followers. But they have
failed and have not quite gotten their followers back.

We all know the rage of the last couple months has been the
new iPad. They have made close to 2 million iPads, and with the market for
iPads very hot. This has really helped Apple make it to the top of the tech
list. I mean you have to really take into account. That most of the products
that Apple makes is made in Cupertino Ca, not overseas, and compare that with
Microsoft or Sony. I would honestly bet that most of their products are not
made here in the states. And if they were made here in the states they would
just recycle old parts from other computers. And say it is brand new. Not good.

So all in all congratulations Apple on a job well done. And
keep up the good work; I can't wait for the next step that you will come up
with, in referral to the new iPhone and the new OS for the iPhone. 

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