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Apple on top of the mountain

Who would have thought of this becoming the headline story, but from what I have heard everyone left this company for dead about 25 years ago. And the coming back of the prodigal son has proved to be the right move for a company that has thrived in the long run. The company that I... Read more »

New iPhone coming!

We all know that new things come out in the summer. Like summer blockbuster movies, summer loves. And various other things, now comes word that there will be a new iPhone coming out in the next couple weeks. Now as you may have read on one of my previous blogs. A blogger was able to... Read more »

Apple vs Nintendo who wins?

Apple vs Nintendo who wins?
  The war is on Nintendo versus Apple, who will win? Well from the point of view from this blogger. I think Apple has beaten Nintendo. And Nintendo needs to come back with something spectacular to blow away the consumers and Apple, to make them start worrying about Nintendo. A few weeks back Nintendo announced... Read more »

Google coming to a TV near you

The evolution of television takes another turn now we all have experienced the change from black and white to color, from color TV to HD TV, and now a new addition to the TV that will change how we see a TV. Google made an announcement this Thursday at it’s annual conference called the I/O... Read more »

Reasons not to get a macbook air?

As you have known from some of posts I am a fan of the Apple brand and that they offer great products. But I have to bash them for a product that I was never have been a fan of since it came out and no it’s not the iPad that I have mentioned in... Read more »

the death of the floppy

All of us know when exactly we started using a computer it could be when we needed to do a paper for school, or if we needed to research stuff on the Internet for school. But do you remember the age of the floppy disk? Many who were born in the 90’s may not. But... Read more »

Free Office Software?

We all have used the Microsoft Office suite at one time. And I know that most high school, college students have used it to do their term papers, written essays. There is word coming out that Microsoft will be doing something special but it will not benefit who needs it more. The Microsoft Office 2010... Read more »

Who's got an IPad?

We all know that the IPad has been a very popular tech tool in the past month. It has brought a craze from everyone from kids to adults. And we expected something like this to happen because Apple almost always delivers on the hype machine. There are a few disappointments but overall they have delivered.... Read more »

Are you there?

Do you remember the days when people had pen pals and wrote letters to each other and put a stamp to mail the letter? Well those days are over with technology. And it has gotten better fore everyone.   As we all know the Internet has brought us closer. I mean with Facebook being offered... Read more »

Evolution of TV

How we look at TV programs, game shows, soap operas, sporting events has evolved over time and has come into the 21st century with technology that we probably never thought we were going to see. As you may have known when the video iPod first made its presence into our lives, it really changed how... Read more »