Will there ever be a cheap Apple computer?

Now the question that everyone has asked me has been will
Apple ever come out with a cheap laptop or a cheap computer?

That question has been brought up many times on blogs,
internet posts. But there hasn't been an answer to the question. Now Apple can
say that the do have a computer that is a bargain. That computer is the Mac
Mini and no doubt it is a very nice machine. And you can hook up your old pc
monitor via an adapter that comes with the machine, you can also install your
old keyboard and mouse. 

But the thing most people that are attracted to a mac is the
Imac and the MacBook Pro laptop line. For example the Imac starts out at $1199 and
the Macbook Pro line starts out at $1099. Now for some college students that
might be on a budget and they want an Apple computer will not be able to get
one because the prices are way too high. Now they do offer a discount for
students, staff of schools. But that discount is very minimal which is about
10% off.

Apple has stated on various occasions that their computers
are made by Apple and sold by Apple. And that most of the materials that they
require to make these machines they cost money. And that is why they have to
sell the computers at that price. But they have to think that maybe if they
lowered their prices how they could take over the overall computer market. They
would take customers away from Dell. Almost always any consumer that is looking
for a cheap laptop who do they run to? Dell. They offer cheap laptops and
desktops. And most consumers are comfortable with buying a Dell computer.

But will Apple ever realize that they could conquer this
computer world, with offering a entry level laptop that can change the
perception of the consumer, that always say that Apple laptops are expensive
and I can't afford it.  Their has
to be a outcry from consumers saying "Hey we want a inexpensive laptop too
Apple? " 

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  • Conquering the computer world isn't about getting everybody to own the same branded computer. That's not conquering, that's simply being viral.

    Apple is focused on making the best products. They don't care about everyone owning their products, and don't need everyone to own them. They have the best customer support according to Consumer Reports for both notebook (86/100) and desktop (87/100) computers, by a margin of over 20 points. Dell computers, as you pointed out, may be cheap but that seems to have also hurt their customer support. Better products mean easier to support, while cheaply made products just don't last or live up expectations.

    Again, Apple is focused on making the best products, not cheaply made products. They have somewhat specific price points that they try to meet. Since they don't go lower, that means their products can have more functionality and capabilities.

    Case in point: I have a MacBook from 2006. There are new netbooks from 2009-2010 that have the same processor except with a slower speed than my MacBook. Not only does this mean the NEW netbooks are based on 3-4 year old technology, but they are also being outperformed by MacBooks made 3-4 years ago. So, that's why they are cheap (old technology) and that's why they don't perform as well as a Mac since they are made to be cheap instead of being a great product.

    Seriously, what is your main purpose in buying a computer? You're focusing way too much on money (artificial value) and not enough on real value.

    Also. check the companies that have the largest market share. They have low revenues, low rated customer service, and high returns of products from dissatisfaction. Market share is not an indicator of success for a company. If anything, it's indicator of success at marketing a.k.a advertising.

    Also consider an analogy: facial tissue and handkerchiefs. A lot more facial tissue is bought compared to handkerchiefs, but facial tissue isn't very reusable and doesn't last. In essence, other computers have a high market share because they have to be replaced. If anything, a high market share is just numbers and cannot simply be extrapolated without further analysis. However, it does seem an awful lot like PCs are the facial tissues of the computer industry.

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