The rise of blockbuster?

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About a week ago I had posted a blog saying that Blockbuster
was on life support and was about to bite the dust and not exist anymore
because of the emergence of the new age of on demand movies, and netflix.


There is word out that Blockbuster is going to start
offering movies on mobile phones. The debut started this Wednesday when
Blockbuster released an app for download on mobile phones.


The application will have about 10,000 titles ready to view.
The prices of the rental of the movies range from $1.99 to about $3.99 for
newer, just released titles like the The Hurt Locker, you have to see movie
within a 24-hour period.


Right now the application is only for download on T-mobile's
newest phone the HTC HD2 it runs the Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 operating
system. But in the future Blockbuster would like to tap into the Android
phones.  Rentals of the movies have
to happen through the T-mobile 3g network. But if you want to purchase a movie
you have to do it through the wi-fi network to not make it harder on your 3g
networks. They also stated that if you purchase a movie. You can watch it on
compatible home theater systems.


I do think that the company would be a little more popular
if it would release it on the Iphone on the AT&T network, it would be more
competition for Netflix. But the company did state that it is a little harder
to stream movies on the AT&T network.


But there is also word that Netflix wants to offer an app on
the Iphone. So watch out Blockbuster. As soon as you think that your back in
the game. The competition ups its game. And beats you. 

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