Social Networking

Now as we all know technology is all around us and is always
evolving. As everyone knows there has been a craze over the networking sites
such as myspace, Facebook, and Twitter.

It all started with Myspace it was a sensation where people
could find friends from grammar school, high school or college or ex co-workers
and they could communicate with them. But Myspace also served as a stepping
ground for most up and coming artists to launch their music and spread it to
various people to get popular. But after a couple years it has just gone down
in popularity, there were cases that older people were posing as young people
to molest kids. And that somehow affected Myspace.

Facebook on the other hand started out as college/university
site where only people that are in colleges or universities could join. But
after some time, it was opened up to everyone. And it has just helped Facebook
become more and more popular. Every person communicates thru Facebook. I mean
from my own experience, my cousins from Mexico are communicating with me
through Facebook. And not only that but TV stations, radio stations, President
Obama, the White house, news anchors, weathermen, retail stores they sometimes
offer discounts on store items. And during these times any sort of discount
helps. Even the NBA has a Facebook page and this is just another way to
communicate with their fans and get more popular. Like for the NBA they offer
discounts on tickets to basketball games. And discounts on fan merchandise.
They do also have applications where you can play games on Facebook. Some
employers have stopped people from getting online and using Facebook. But
Facebook has been useful for people in trying times. Like for example with the
shooting happened at Virginia Tech, they posted stuff on Facebook to advise
people saying that there was a shooting and to take cover. And it did save
lives in that situation.

Twitter on the other hand is also similar to Facebook. But
the thing with twitter is that you can also communicate with people but in only
in so many words. Various stars are on twitter such has Shaquille O'Neal, Chad
Ocho Cinco, Ellen DeGeneres, Conan O'Brien Kim Kardashian, and the cast of Glee.
And you can follow them and see what they are up to. Sometimes their tweets are
interesting their will over insight into their daily lives. But sometimes they
the tweets are useful when disasters happen. If there are no communications to
get a hold of a person they can always tweet to say that they are okay, so as you can see these two social networking sites are very useful even though sometimes companies may stop us from using them, but they can save lives.

So as you can see from my 2 examples of social networking
they have lots of benefits. And it is here to stay. So what will the next great
social networking site be?? We will see. 

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