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To be or not to be?

This is for all the Office fans out there and there could be a chance if we all band together. We might get our wishes answered.   As we all know Schrute farms is just a setting on a show that doesn’t exist. But apparently from the website TripAdvisor, Shrute farms has been receiving reviews... Read more »

new age of real estate

The new age of real estate has started to evolve for some time. With technology all around us, the real estate market has taken advantage of this. As we all know that the real estate market has suffered with the economy being in the shape that it is.   As we all know that every... Read more »

The rise of blockbuster?

About a week ago I had posted a blog saying that Blockbuster was on life support and was about to bite the dust and not exist anymore because of the emergence of the new age of on demand movies, and netflix.   There is word out that Blockbuster is going to start offering movies on... Read more »

New age for Magazines, Books, newspapers

There is a new age of reading newspapers, magazines, and books. Will we soon be doing away with the paper newspaper, magazines and books? And will everything move into the digital age.   As some of you may know by now that Apple will be releasing the much hyped product the IPad, it will revolutionize... Read more »

New age of arguments?

The art of the discussion and or arguments have evolved over time. And now it has gone into the technological age.   There was a report in the NY Times stating there was a couple that they always went on Facebook and put up on their statuses how the felt towards each other. But the... Read more »

The death of video stores, record stores?

Now as we may all know there has been a decline in people going to record stores and video stores, we have all known for some time that record stores are going out of business and it is somewhat of a shame. Why go to a record store, when you can get the same music... Read more »

Be careful with what you post online..

My last posting was all about the craze over the Facebook and Twitter. Now I am going to explain some of the consequences of things that you might post online.   We all are in the position that we might be looking for a new job or just trying to hold a job in these... Read more »

Social Networking

Now as we all know technology is all around us and is always evolving. As everyone knows there has been a craze over the networking sites such as myspace, Facebook, and Twitter. It all started with Myspace it was a sensation where people could find friends from grammar school, high school or college or ex... Read more »

Follow the leader

This past Wednesday Sony made an announcement to try to catch the leader of the video game market.   The Japanese maker of the Playstation 3 unveiled Thursday its highly anticipated motion controlling system. It wants to take aim at the leader of the pack, which is Nintendo. Sony wants to lure some Nintendo users... Read more »

Will there ever be a cheap Apple computer?

Now the question that everyone has asked me has been will Apple ever come out with a cheap laptop or a cheap computer? That question has been brought up many times on blogs, internet posts. But there hasn’t been an answer to the question. Now Apple can say that the do have a computer that... Read more »