new age of real estate

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The new age of real estate has started to evolve for some
time. With technology all around us, the real estate market has taken advantage
of this. As we all know that the real estate market has suffered with the
economy being in the shape that it is.


As we all know that every company now is trying to find ways
to get customers to buy their products during these trying times. And the real
estate market is not left behind. They have found ways to attract customers to
buy houses or if they want to rent out an apartment. Some companies have
offered virtual tours on the Internet. So you don't have to leave your house to
view a house that you are willing to buy. But there are other people that do
think that it is better to view the house for them and not by using the


Now with the evolution of smartphones that is another avenue
that the real estate market has tapped into, we all know that the Iphone and
the Blackberry are the two smartphones to get. The real estate market has used
this to their advantage. Many companies offer applications that you download on
your phone. And you can view the houses without even being in the same area of
the house. Like offers an application that you download on your
Iphone and you can view the apartments that are for rent in your area.


The Blackberry offers Google Maps, where you can view what
is around the house that you want to buy. Like where is the nearest school, the
nearest supermarket, gas station. Homes for Sale is an application designed by
J. Rockcliff Realtors, the application just finds where you are located. And
the nearby houses in your area that are for sale. You can access the sale price
of the house, the size of the home, tax info on the house, and pictures of
inside and outside of the house.


So I have described some the advantages of our new
technology age. Are you on board of this new age, or are you still doing your
house shopping the good old way?



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