New age of arguments?


The art of the discussion and or arguments have evolved over
time. And now it has gone into the technological age.


There was a report in the NY Times stating there was a
couple that they always went on Facebook and put up on their statuses how the
felt towards each other. But the friends would intervene in the arguments. And
you notice the happenings on Facebook from the status changes, relationship
changes, wall posts. And Facebook is changing the way people argue. People used
to argue at restaurants. Now they take it to Facebook and vent.


They also say that is a good way for each person's friend's
to see what each other is. They do find it nice that each friend can offer an
opinion on the argument; losing any of their privacy not at all bothers them.
They do state that are happy together and will soon get married.


Sometimes the arguments are a way to protect their
reputations. There was a case where a girlfriend would go on Facebook and say
bad things about her boyfriend, Saying that he didn't do stuff for her. And the
boyfriend would go on Facebook to protect his reputation.


There are experts that say taking your arguments online is
not healthy. They should discuss it among it each other and not get other
people involved. But there is a new show on NBC called the Marriage Ref where a
panel of celebrities, discuss the goings on in the house. And say what should
happen with the couple. And who wins the argument.


But I think that the argument should be only discussed with
the person that you have the problem with.  Don't ever take it online and say bad things about that
person. Now if you need advice on how to handle the situation. Then do take it
to Facebook and or whichever networking site that you want to go on, and get the
advice that you need.


It could be that this is another thing that
is changing with the technology age

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