New age for Magazines, Books, newspapers

Thumbnail image for iphone_home.gifThere is a new age of reading newspapers, magazines, and
books. Will we soon be doing away with the paper newspaper, magazines and
books? And will everything move into the digital age.


As some of you may know by now that Apple will be releasing
the much hyped product the IPad, it will revolutionize how you read a book. And
there are other devices out there that offer the same thing the IPad does such
as the Kindle brought to you by Amazon. And there is also the Sony reader.
Which does the same thing as the other 2 devices do. They give you the option
to read books on the go.  But there
are still some people out there that like the idea of reading the actual book.
But will it soon go away?


Now we all know that magazines have suffered with the
Internet age. Anything you can read in a magazine, you can read on the Internet
now.  And you don't have to waste
from 5-10 dollars on a magazine when you can get the same thing on the Internet.
You're not always going to be at your computer looking up stuff. So then
magazine companies came up with the brilliant idea of launching mobile apps on
cell phones. And you can read your favorite magazine on the go. The following
companies are offering mobile apps for the IPhone. Like Elle, Car and Driver,
People magazine.


Newspapers have had a battle for a long time with the Internet.
Why buy a newspaper from anywhere from 75 cents to about a 1 dollar, when you
can go on the Internet and get the same thing and not waste any money. Since
these battles newspapers have gone away and not to hear from again. It has hit
Chicago newspapers as well. Like Chicago Tribune went bankrupt, Chicago Sun
Times as well. But both papers are still in Chicago going strong. But now with
smart phones handling capabilities to have the Internet running on your phone
and mobile apps on phones. The NY times has been one the most popular apps on
the IPhone. You can download the app for free on Itunes. And you can see the NY
times on your mobile phone like if you were reading the actual newspaper. You
don't have to worry about the paper bothering anyone on the subway while you
head to work. You can just go on your phone and read it without any problems.


So now the question is will we lose everything from the
actual books, magazines and newspapers that we were so accustomed to doing. And
moving into the digital age and just read everything on our phones or our

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