Is the wii still the leader of the pack?

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Is the Nintendo Wii losing in the popularity contest of gamers? I have not quite understood the craze over the Wii. Maybe because I'm so used to playing video games with a controller and sitting back and enjoying the game.


Now I do understand that the Wii offers tons of stuff that will benefits to everyone from the young kid to the dad of the family and maybe even the grandpa and grandma of the family. Like for example when you buy the Wii right out of the box you get the sports package that is included with your brand new Wii. And yes there is no doubt that you do enjoy the games, it is kind of like a workout. For example if you're playing tennis you have to play tennis like you are outside. They also boxing, bowling and baseball And there is Wii Fit where you can stay in shape by using your Wii system and that is a very big benefit for anyone who wants to work out in their very own home. 


But now there is word that Sony and Microsoft are catching up to the mighty Nintendo Wii. There are some very good benefits in all 3 gaming systems. Now for Sony PS3 there is the blu ray system that comes included with the system. You can watch Blu ray movies on your system, also you get the included hard drive to your system where you can save your games, also it has wifi where you can connect to the internet wirelessly and you have the playstion network where you can get games from the network from previous systems like ps2 and ps1 and you can play them on your ps3. And the included wireless controller that is included with your package.


The Microsoft Xbox 360 is another good gaming system if you don't want to spend close to 400 dollars on a gaming system like with the PS3. You have the nice option of getting an Xbox 360 for a far less price at about 200 dollars. You get the basic package of the Xbox 360 system, a wireless controller, and your basic audio visual cables to hook it up to your television. You also get an Ethernet connection where you can hook it up with an Ethernet cable and be able to hook it to the Internet. Or you can also hook it up wirelessly, which ever you prefer. But pretty much everyone wants to go wireless. And Microsoft offers the Xbox live marketplace where you can shop from demos of games. You can download games of the previous system of Xbox.


So there is a competition brewing and it is getting interesting. Now will the gaming leader the Wii, do something to keep its lead or will they just sit back and let the competition catch them?  

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