Follow the leader


This past Wednesday Sony made an announcement to try to
catch the leader of the video game market.


The Japanese maker of the Playstation 3 unveiled Thursday its
highly anticipated motion controlling system. It wants to take aim at the
leader of the pack, which is Nintendo. Sony wants to lure some Nintendo users
away. Where Nintendo was the  first to introduce motion-detecting controllers.


Sony has nothing but respect for Nintendo for being the
first to introduce motion-detecting controllers. And they just want to follow
in its path.


The new product that Sony introduced Wednesday was the
Playstation Move. The new wireless motion controller can track player's body
movements. The controller has on its end a light that is recognized by a camera
that the system will need for the controller to work, called the Playstation


The Playstation Move will go on sale this fall. Prices have
not yet been released, but there will be a bundle package. The bundle will
include the Playstation Eye, motion controller and one game and it will retail
for $100


There are major video game makers already lining up to
create move compatitable games. Such as Activision, Blizzard Inc, EA.


This announcement yesterday comes on the heels of Microsoft
Xbox 360 announcing that they will also try their hands in to motion detecting
games. There creation is being called "Project Natal" The Natal will combine a
camera, depth sensor, microphone and processor. They will probably release this
product in time for the Christmas holiday.


Even though the chase for a Wii has died down. It has still
been able to maintain their lead on the video game business. In the month of
January Wii sold 465,000 Microsoft Xbox 360 sold 332,800 units and with
Playstation 3 in 3rd place with 276,900 units.


Now as you can see Microsoft and Sony are chasing the leader
try to take away some of their customers. Will they be able to catch the
leader, we will see.. 

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