Be careful with what you post online..

Thumbnail image for icon_facebook.pngMy last posting was all about the craze over the Facebook
and Twitter. Now I am going to explain some of the consequences of things that
you might post online.


We all are in the position that we might be looking for a
new job or just trying to hold a job in these tough economic times and we post
stuff online that we might say nobody is going to say anything about this. But
guess again. Any time that you might be interviewing for a job, the employer
will be looking for info on you from anything that you may have posted online;
you might even say that they could be looking at my blog at this precise
moment. But they could look at pictures that you post online, comments that you
have made. So if you don't want anyone to see an item. Don't post it.


I was seeing a show on Bravo a couple weeks back, and they
were interviewing for a position with a fashion company. So they interviewed a
lot of candidates. And they were impressed with one candidate, and they offered
the person the position. When one of the associates at the fashion company went
on twitter and saw a post of the candidate that they were impressed with. She
was describing how she was in the fashion companies building and how the
cameras from Bravo were around and that she was going to be on TV. So after
they saw this post, they had to call back the candidate and explain that they
had to eliminate her from consideration for the position. To work with this
company, you have to be really undercover about the goings on with the company.
So in this case in doesn't pay to tweet without knowing the whole details of
what to do or not, and to be able to keep the job that you interview really
well for.


I was recently reading on the Associated Press that the
police were after a criminal. And the criminal was lost for some time. But when
they came across a profile on twitter and Facebook that was eerily similar to
the criminal they were chasing after. And the criminal was always updating his
profile. With updates and tweets. So they were able to befriend some of his
followers on twitter and friends on Facebook. So they were able to gather a
location for this criminal. And they were able to apprehend the criminal. So
this could be filed under dumb criminals. 

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