why the sudden craze over 3d?


I don't know why people are suddenly fascinated by 3d movies
and videos. Now as you may remember back in the 80's there was this fascination
with 3d stuff like books, movies and videos. And then they went away, but
somehow some way they came back. I don't know why???

 As of recently almost every movie that is coming out they
give you the consumer an option of watching at theaters equipped with the 3d
equipment or watching it the regular way they way they were meant to be watched.  Like the mega hit Avatar it was made
for 3d, the new movie soon to come out Alice in Wonderland featuring Johnny
Depp will be featured in 3d. Now from what I can gather is that the 3d feature
it is suppose to make the image come out of the screen am I wrong or right??

 Now if you remember when the Grammy's aired they had a music
video of Michael Jackson and it was being aired in 3d. Now unless you had the
glasses you were going to see something "cool" but if you didn't you just saw
the images in red and blue colors. Now all the attendees of the Grammy's had
their glasses on to see the video in 3d but let me tell you.. They looked like
dorks.. Sorry.. but that is what I think..

 But since the change in television that made every
television in the U.S change the signal to Digital and we have the option for
High Def Televisions that make the image come crystal clear and makes you
almost be there for real. Isn't that better than wearing some glasses that make
an image pop out from the screen? And I understand that the glasses aren't
geeky looking like the did in the 80's, but still why are you going to put
something on your face to just enjoy the movie more.

Plus a couple months back there was word that a couple cable
networks were going to offer their channels in 3d, those networks are ESPN and
the Discovery channel. And there is word that some televisions will come with a
3d feature. I just don't know why there is such a craze for 3d, if you know
why? Explain it to me.... Do you want to look like the guys in the above picture?? 

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