PC vs Mac Who wins?

Hi there guys! This is going to be my second entry into the
blogging world. If blogging is a word... Well the topic that we are talking about
today is a very interesting one that is for sure going to garner a
conversation. It is the PC versus Mac debate.

 Now as many of you know the world is a PC world everywhere
you go there is going to be a computer that is running windows. But slowly but
surely the Mac or apple computer is gaining more momentum into this world.
Which are very funny by the way.  I
must continue on the topic that I was talking about, which was PC versus Mac.

 The PC is a common computer used by the majority of the
world. It is very reliable for some people and it is very problematic for
others. I will explain some of the problems the PC has and I'm one that gave up
on the PC and moved to Mac or Apple. Ok first of all the PC even if you have
protected your computer with the anti-virus, and firewall and every known
protection for your computer. It will fail. It will get a virus or spy ware on
it and it is a pain to get it out of the computer. Now with the Mac you won't
have to worry about any of those problems. You don't need to install any
anti-virus on it.  Most of the
viruses out there are made for a PC and won't hit an Apple computer. It's very
rare when a virus hits an Apple computer.

 Plus if you compare the two companies Microsoft and Apple.
It seems to me that Microsoft is trying to catch Apple. If you notice the logo
that they have now they are trying to be similar to Apple. If you notice some
of their features on their new operating system Windows 7 you see that they are
trying to be like Apple.  After
about a year or two, Microsoft came out with Windows 7 after the failure of
Windows Vista.

 Now there are differences into both computers. For one thing
the Windows user is accustomed to seeing their icons running from left to
right, The Apple computer has the icons going from right to left. The Apple
computer has a different keyboard but after using it for a couple times you
forget about the difference.

 Now one argument that is sure to come is that the Apple
computer is very expensive, I won't argue with you on that. But take into
account this. When you buy an Apple computer you are getting a reliable
machine, with a reliable operating system that already has all the software you
need out of the box. Like if you need to store pictures on your computer you
have IPhoto. Let's say you need to take video of your kids basketball game or
dance recital, you can take the video like you usually do and then you can just
plug the video camera to your computer and edit it on the Apple computer. And
plus if you don't think your capable of doing it. There are online tutorials or
you can go to a class at any Apple store and they will show you how to use the
software. Plus you can have Microsoft Office installed onto your Apple computer
and transfer any files that you have from a PC to Mac without any problem. Now
if you compare that to a PC you would need to buy the software and install
those programs onto your computer. And even though you bought that PC for a
cheap price after buying all the software needed to protect your computer and
to be running like an Apple computer. You're going to be running into a final
price like the Apple computer 

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