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Ipad Apps

Hey guys! Another week of entries of my blog I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be posting the blogs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Now into the topic of the day. The IPad app process. I have a problem with Apple’s new policy on the apps allowed on the IPad.  First... Read more »

why the sudden craze over 3d?

                                    I don’t know why people are suddenly fascinated by 3d movies and videos. Now as you may remember back in the 80’s there was this fascination with 3d stuff like books, movies and videos. And then they went... Read more »

PC vs Mac Who wins?

Hi there guys! This is going to be my second entry into the blogging world. If blogging is a word… Well the topic that we are talking about today is a very interesting one that is for sure going to garner a conversation. It is the PC versus Mac debate.  Now as many of you... Read more »

Giant IPhone = IPad

HI guys! My name is Alberto. And I will be talking to you about technology. We all know that technology is around us. And I will show you some the new gadgets coming out and I will also offer advice on computer related items and all sorts of other stuff. So without further ado, let... Read more »