Ipad Apps

Hey guys! Another week of entries of my blog I just wanted
to let everyone know that I will be posting the blogs every Monday, Wednesday
and Friday. Now into the topic of the day. The IPad app process. I have a
problem with Apple's new policy on the apps allowed on the IPad.

 First of all the apps that are allowed on the IPhone and
ITouch they can be a little bit risky. Meaning that they are scandalous. Now
developers of the apps have the liberty to do whatever app they want to
develop. But there were some limits to what they can create and how to create
it. But there are always kinks to the armor. But there were some issues at the
beginning when the IPhone and the ITouch came out. There was an app to shake a
baby called baby shaker. Now Apple after it heard the news that the app was
created they immediately took it off the App store.

 Now Apple wants to make the IPad a more family friendly
product. Well that is all fine and dandy. But the one thing that doesn't fit is
that is what are you going to do with the apps that are risky. Are they going
to just going to block it from the IPad? Now they have claimed the Sports
Illustrated Swimsuit app is okay. But is it really?? Would you let your 10 yr
old kid see a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Special?? I don't think so. What if
Playboy comes around says I want to do an app for the articles that we have,
and so we have another avenue to attract readers to our magazine. Is Apple just
going to say? No we can't allow you to create an app, because we want to
present a more family friendly product.

 Thumbnail image for hardware-01-20100127.jpgI would like to see what kind of apps the IPad offers, and
if they stick to their guns and go the family friendly route. What do you

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