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HI guys! My name is Alberto. And I will be talking to you about technology. We all know that technology is around us. And I will show you some the new gadgets coming out and I will also offer advice on computer related items and all sorts of other stuff. So without further ado, let me start my first entry.. Hope you enjoy it. 

Now as you may all know a few weeks back Steve Jobs came out with the next greatest invention to come out of Apple's headquarters, the new IPad. Now I know most people will go gaga over it.. and say they must have it and go out in droves to go buy the product. I have heard from various people and they have said the IPod and the IPhone were items that we needed and must were a must have item. And now with the new IPad, no one knows if it is a must have item. From what I could gather from Steve Jobs keynote speech from a couple weeks back. I sense that it is just a giant IPhone. And I will make some points on my argument. 
If you look at the design of the IPhone it is very similar to the IPad. Now Steve Jobs said that the IPad was going to rival the netbooks that are out on the market right now which he said they are poorly made. Well I would have to say it will. Becase Apple always has a market. Now I have heard that the IPad will sell from their app store for the IPad an application called IWork. Now IWork is to rival the Microsoft Office program, now my question about this is. If you are going to incorporate it into the IPad. Then how are you going to write documents, make presentations, do spreadsheets and not be able to print out your documents?
Now the IPad has internet, wifi, you can view pictures, download apps, read books, ITunes, YouTube, IPod, but the IPhone all those apps too. Now one of the things that the IPad doesn't have is the capability to make phone calls. Now I'm not bad mouthing Apple because I'm not. I love their computers, the IPod, the IPhone. But I just don't see what advantage the new IPad brings to the table. I just think that it would be better if you had a IPhone and carry a lightweight laptop. As me for one I'm going to be in line buying an IPad. That's what I belive,  I don't know what do you think? 

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  • nice first blog albert :) I like your comparisons and despite the fact that you say it does everything an iphone does except make phone calls, you're still going to get one. I say save your money and use it for a small vacation or something.

  • In reply to jessenia:

    Yea in these trying times, that would be the best advice

  • In reply to jessenia:

    flash or no flash, you have to check out the new
    iPad Home Page... is the best way to surf the web.
    gmail,facebook,google,youtube and much more, all in one neet page
    one click to all you want...

  • Thanks! Yea it is better if you wait it out. Because you almost always run into problems when the product just comes out. And there will definitely be updates to the IPad.

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