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Torn Pages Opening Event

It seems fitting that the opening night of the first Torn Pages event would be so close to Valentine’s Day. The concept of curator Josh Lucas, the show effectively married two creative worlds, art and literature. The result was an exciting event that began to build a bridge across the two Chicago scenes. What was... Read more »

Torn Pages Event @ OHNO!Doom

An event that is almost a full year in the making is final going to be a reality as curator Josh Lucas and OHNO!Doom Gallery team up for the first Torn Pages Show. The concept is to combine a handful of the city’s best writers and with a selection of the city’s brightest young artists.... Read more »

Tim Hall's New Book

Local writer, Tim Hall has made a career out of self-publishing and self-promoting. Through his imprint, Undie Press, he has released two novels (Half Empty and Full Of It), a collection of stories (Triumph of The Won’t), and multiple chapbooks. In talking with Tim over the last few months I could tell he wanted to... Read more »