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New City Lit 50 2011

New City Lit 50 2011
Let me preface this post by saying two; there will never be a perfect list (see 20 under 40 post), and the internet loves lists. Last week New City Lit published their 2011 Lit 50 list and you can read it on-line here. I’ve taken a few days before writing this post because I did... Read more »

Interview with Gina Frangello

One of the names on the New City Lit 50 list that I was happy to see is Gina Frangello. She is truly a force in the Chicago scene, and with her new short story collection, Slut Lullabies (Emergency Press, June 2010) has the potential to be recognized on a large scale. She is an... Read more »

Lists, Lists, and More Lists

It’s a fact that the internet loves lists and there have been several interesting literary lists surfacing over the last few weeks. The most relevant to this site would be New City’s Lit 50. The list is a who’s who of Chicago lit and features the names of 50 of the top movers and shakers... Read more »