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Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol is out today. Discuss.

The Lost Symbol, the latest novel by author Dan Brown, was officially unveiled today in bookstores around Chicagoland and online. In a previous post, I discussed Brown’s promotion of the book on Twitter, and since so much of his attention seems to be in that area, I thought I’d follow-up to get some reactions on... Read more »

5 iPhone apps for the bookish

iPhone apps are, let’s not kid ourselves, pretty awesome. I read the Chicago Tribune app on my way into work, and tweet-n-lurk with the Tweetdeck app. I use my bank’s app to manage my accounts, double-check and test my sign language with an ASL app, and you don’t even want to know how I survived... Read more »

Top ten Disney-Marvel hookups

Disney is buying Marvel Comics for $4 billion dollars. Yes, billion. Naturally, when such mergers occur, one can’t help but think of the mash-ups (read: hook-ups) to come when the Disney World and Marvel Universe collide. Awww, yeah… 10. Sleeping Beatuy & Captain America: Who would be surprised? These two super-duper, all-American kids will bond... Read more »

The questionable future of the book jacket

The future of book jackets is being discussed on NY Observer today, with special attention paid to such jacket-less books as No Impact Man by Colin Beavan, Bicycle Diaries by David Byrne, and The Adderall Diaries by Stephen Elliott, a Chicago native, all due out in September. It’s a small thing, the book jacket, but... Read more »

Three books featuring Dorothy's ruby slippers

As we ready ourselves to observe the very important cultural marker of the 70th anniversary of the film, The Wizard of Oz, we should talk about the book on which the film is based. Why? First, because as you may or may not be aware, the book has some serious Chicago ties. Secondly, because references... Read more »

J. Adams Oaks: The Subtext Interview

Today, we have a very special guest here on Chicago Subtext and he’s brought us a present (ohhhhhs, ahhhhhhs)! Everyone please give a warm ChicagoNow welcome to local author, Mr. J. Adams Oaks. J. Adams Oaks is the author of Why I Fight, which won both the National Society of Arts and Letters regional competition... Read more »

Bad Poetry Day: can you write Chicago's worst poem?

Photo/Torontoist Bad Poetry Day is tomorrow! To celebrate, I’m asking you, readers dear, to write me the worst poem in Chicago. The worst! I mean a really, really crummy poem. It can be sappy, it can be cheesy, it can be funny, it can be all of the above just as long as it is... Read more »

Five pirate books for the perverted reader

The Red Rover by James Fenimore Cooper Pirate Red Rover takes a young man and two women prisoner until a battle with another pirate. As an added bonus, interesting phrases such as “we have been rubbing up recollections on the cruise” appears, in this case in reference to sitting up late at night with a... Read more »

Comics: beyond capes and tights

Terry “Doc Midnight” Gant, owner of Third Coast Comics. Photo/Tiffiany Tate Not many people think of comic books when they think of the various forms of literature. I know because I will be the first to admit I, for more years than I care to admit, thought comic books were little more than dudes in... Read more »