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Lit/Tech: Refocusing book signings in an e-reader world

Books aren’t going anywhere, at least not any time soon. However, as technologies rise to deliver literature in many ways, and as we expand our libraries to include e-reader devices and mobile apps, I wonder what the future holds for book signings. Maybe we’ll adopt the screen-and-stylus method used by package-delivery drivers. Perhaps the simple... Read more »

Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol is out today. Discuss.

The Lost Symbol, the latest novel by author Dan Brown, was officially unveiled today in bookstores around Chicagoland and online. In a previous post, I discussed Brown’s promotion of the book on Twitter, and since so much of his attention seems to be in that area, I thought I’d follow-up to get some reactions on... Read more »

Dan Brown's 'Lost' marketing opportunity

Dan Brown’s new book, The Lost Symbol, is set for release on Tuesday and was described by’s Jeff Bezos in a note on Amazon’s homepage last week as “one of the most anticipated publishing events of all time” and insists the company is keeping its stash of yet-released copies of the book “under 24-hour... Read more »

J. Adams Oaks: The Subtext Interview

Today, we have a very special guest here on Chicago Subtext and he’s brought us a present (ohhhhhs, ahhhhhhs)! Everyone please give a warm ChicagoNow welcome to local author, Mr. J. Adams Oaks. J. Adams Oaks is the author of Why I Fight, which won both the National Society of Arts and Letters regional competition... Read more »

Printers' Ball Video Interviews

Printers’ Ball was fabulous! Tons of people came out to support the many small presses represented, the book-making and screen-printing demonstrations were excellent, the events (Quickies! Reading Series with a representative from several of Chicago’s many reading series and Literary Death Match– both personal favorites) were lively and fun and by all accounts, a fine... Read more »

Knee-Jerk Magazine: The Subtext (Mega) Interview

Knee-Jerk, a new literary magazine in Chicago, was started in part by local writer Jon Fullmer. He excitedly explained the plan for the new publication to me back in early summer, and I remember taking note of the fact that Fullmer is not only well-aware that publishing has changed, but that he’s not concerned in... Read more »

This Week In Literary History: Remembering Hemingway

In the middle of the celebratory feel of this week, as we head into Independence Day Weekend, I would be remiss if we did not take a moment to remember this week (yesterday, in fact) as the anniversary of the death of Ernest Hemingway. Hemingway was born this month in 1899 in our very own... Read more »

Author Ownership Conversation (and Book Giveaways) on BookArmy

An interesting conversation about (mostly posthumous) author ownership is happening this month over on BookArmy and I’m keen to hear your thoughts on the matter, too: Some of the greatest works of literature ever written would never have seen the light of day had it been left up to their authors. If Kafka had his... Read more »

Printers Row Lit Fest Wrap-Up

Great success in Colonel Tribune’s ChicagoNow booth at Printers Row Lit Fest this weekend in Chicago. I met a ton of people, saw did a series of live-stream author interviews on the spot for Chicago Subtext throughout the weekend and hung out with the ChicagoNow gang including staff and fellow ChicagoNow bloggers Jason Chin of... Read more »

Live from Chicago Tribune Printers Row Lit Fest