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Interview: A.D. Jameson

Interview: A.D. Jameson
A.D. Jameson has been everywhere lately and has released two books this as well. I felt it was time to ask him a few questions about his debut novel Giant Slugs, the site he writes for Big Other, and Chicago lit in general. Chicago Subtext: I love the work you are doing over at Big... Read more »

Jill and Susie Prep for Printer's Ball

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Check out a behind the scenes look at Jill summers and Susie Kirkwood preparing their stop motion adaptation of “Ghosts” for Printers’ Ball 2011 which takes place on July 29th.

Jason L. Brock @ Tamale Hut Cafe

Jason L. Brock relocated to Chicago back in 2008 and last year he released his first album The Audacity of Jason L. Brock: Thoughts and Rhythms Vol. 1. and his second album Monolithic: Thoughts and Rhythms, Volume 2. He is a soulful poet as demonstrated in the video above. Jason is reading tomorrow night (1/29)... Read more »

Torn Pages Opening Event

It seems fitting that the opening night of the first Torn Pages event would be so close to Valentine’s Day. The concept of curator Josh Lucas, the show effectively married two creative worlds, art and literature. The result was an exciting event that began to build a bridge across the two Chicago scenes. What was... Read more »

Women & Children First's Top Sellers

When you go to the website for the book seller Women & Children First the slogan reads “Shop as Independently as You Think”. It’s a motto to live by and applies not just to books but to everything you purchase. So, with that spirit is mind we will check in with this local seller each... Read more »

Five books about Ted Kennedy

Ted Kennedy: The Dream That Never Died by Edward Klein “…Ted Kennedy’s expressions of empathy with the underdog were more than empty platitudes; his ability to understand and share the feelings of others was woven into the narrative of his life.” The Senator: My Ten Years with Ted Kennedy by Richard E. Burke, Marilyn Hoffer,... Read more »

Three books featuring Dorothy's ruby slippers

As we ready ourselves to observe the very important cultural marker of the 70th anniversary of the film, The Wizard of Oz, we should talk about the book on which the film is based. Why? First, because as you may or may not be aware, the book has some serious Chicago ties. Secondly, because references... Read more »

Literary Chicago on Twitter

Chicago Breaking Tweets posted a cool list a few weeks ago of Chicago writers and authors on Twitter. In the interest of full disclosure, I’m included on the list because I gave Craig Kanalley the stink eye until he added me (Kidding! I’m a kidder). Ahem. Mashable has their own list of authors on Twitter,... Read more »

Book sewing for the artfully inclined

Book sewing! Can you even imagine the effort that went into this? Book from Christopher Galasso on Vimeo. If Christopher Galasso wants to stop by, I’d love to know how he did this.

Chicago Subtext: An Introduction

Ahem. I suppose introductions are in order. It is said that Chicago’s literary renaissance began in 1912 with the formation of Poetry Magazine and ended in 1927 when, well, H. L. Mencken declared so. Some say it has started again in recent years, and that perhaps may be the case. But there is also a... Read more »