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Are you on bkkeepr?

I know you probably have your fill of social networks with Twitter, foursquare, Facebook, and so on, but there is a network out there designed for the reader. No, I am not talking about Goodreads (although that is a good one), but I am talking about bkkeepr. From the perspective of the book reviewer and... Read more »

Lit/Tech: Refocusing book signings in an e-reader world

Books aren’t going anywhere, at least not any time soon. However, as technologies rise to deliver literature in many ways, and as we expand our libraries to include e-reader devices and mobile apps, I wonder what the future holds for book signings. Maybe we’ll adopt the screen-and-stylus method used by package-delivery drivers. Perhaps the simple... Read more »

Literary smackdown on Printers Row blog

Check out this new feature– Literary smackdown!— on the new Chicago Tribune books blog called Printers Row. In this week’s smackdown, readers Jacqui Cheng and Robert Augenlicht square off on the Amazon Kindle. 

Storytelling with sand?

I’m not one to walk about the world wide-eyed and all Pollyanna’d, but I’ve never seen anything like this in my life and I think it positively delightful! Check it out: What would you like to use to tell a story?

Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol is out today. Discuss.

The Lost Symbol, the latest novel by author Dan Brown, was officially unveiled today in bookstores around Chicagoland and online. In a previous post, I discussed Brown’s promotion of the book on Twitter, and since so much of his attention seems to be in that area, I thought I’d follow-up to get some reactions on... Read more »

5 iPhone apps for the bookish

iPhone apps are, let’s not kid ourselves, pretty awesome. I read the Chicago Tribune app on my way into work, and tweet-n-lurk with the Tweetdeck app. I use my bank’s app to manage my accounts, double-check and test my sign language with an ASL app, and you don’t even want to know how I survived... Read more »

Oprah's bookclub: a new direction?

I sat down to write about the fiasco which occurred a handful of years ago between Oprah Winfrey and Jonathan Franzen, a fiasco in which the author wasn’t as over the moon as Oprah would have liked about her endorsement of his book, and was dis-invited from appearing on her show. (To be fair, the... Read more »

The questionable future of the book jacket

The future of book jackets is being discussed on NY Observer today, with special attention paid to such jacket-less books as No Impact Man by Colin Beavan, Bicycle Diaries by David Byrne, and The Adderall Diaries by Stephen Elliott, a Chicago native, all due out in September. It’s a small thing, the book jacket, but... Read more »

Printers' Ball Video Interviews

Printers’ Ball was fabulous! Tons of people came out to support the many small presses represented, the book-making and screen-printing demonstrations were excellent, the events (Quickies! Reading Series with a representative from several of Chicago’s many reading series and Literary Death Match– both personal favorites) were lively and fun and by all accounts, a fine... Read more »

Who else wants to talk about something beyond the Kindle?

Kindle, kindle, kindle! I don’t know about the rest of you, but in the place where lit and tech intersect, it seems that no conversation can happen anymore without a label of some variety being placed upon the Kindle. Kindle as blamestorm centerpiece, Kindle as savior, Kindle as tool of literary elite, Kindle as tool... Read more »