Jim Goar's The Louisiana Purchase

Jim Goar's The Louisiana Purchase

The latest collection from Rose Metal Press and Jim Goar mixes geography, poetry, imagery, and an form of internal mapping that is intimate and puzzling. Through out our lives we make discoveries, most small and building, but some monumental. What Goar is exploring, in a way, in this collection is how those discoveries compare or fit into the discoveries of Lewis and Clark. How does seeing Ozzie Smith play the position of shortstop for the first time compare to exploring the vast expanse of the nation. The comparisons that Goar makes are not tidy and clearly drawn, but they are vibrant and ever shifting. This is poetry and not a concise map of a man's or a nation's history.

When you add in the craftsmanship of Rose Metal Press you have a fine book that deserves your attention. It also asks the question, what are the moments in your life that could be mapped like The Louisiana Purchase?

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