Psycho Dream Factory

Psycho Dream Factory

Caroline Picard of Green Latern Press and Gallery has created a masterpiece with Psycho Dream Factory. This collection, published by Holon Press, is one part art book playing host to Caroline's artwork from her "Happiness Machines" exhibit, and one part fiction collection. The fiction is a cross between People Magazine and ancient mythology. It focuses on the way we glorify celebrity and the truth that is seldom found. Whether writing about Dr. Dre and Burning Man or Michael Jackson and his plastic skin Picard craves into stone what most flip through and tossed. She phrases it like this in the Coda of the collection, "Celebrities line supermarket check out aisles, peering at you from where they're bound in glossy magazines dedicated to the excess of their lives. Their bodies/lifestyles wallpaper not just culture but also the basic practice of obtaining foodstuffs." This collection would be much more shocking and appealing placed in those prime locations on grocery store racks, but I suppose it is too substantial for that. Prior to its inclusion in "Happiness Machines" (an exhibit at Roxa Boxen Exhibitions) 25 copies of Psycho Dream Factory were placed and left behind (with bar codes) in supermarket checkout aisles in Chicago IL. Brilliant!

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