Heather Palmer's Mere Tragedies

mere trag.jpg

Local writer and model Heather Palmer has released a new chapbook with the indie press Girl's With Insurance. Mere Tragedies is a collection micro fiction pieces focusing on all of life's little tragedies. Heather seems to see the inherent sadness in daily interaction, and in certain moments comes across something significantly painfully. From the pain covered by the daily routine of an abused child to the small and less obvious pain in the eyes of the average everyday worker, Palmer covers the wide range of tragedy through tiny example, brief snapshots, little windows into the lives you come across everyday.

The collection is heartbreaking but addictive. You find yourself suck out of your pain or happiness and into the nights and mornings that fill Palmer's world. Mere Tragedies was released last week through P.H. Madore's Girl's With Insurance and is only available digitally for $1.50 (or $2.50 for the deluxe package). Heather also has another collection coming out later this month on Spork Press.

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