"Tearing Down the Walls" Promotion


I have yet to complete my manuscript, but as the recipient of many I can see and understand the struggle. As a publisher I struggle with responding, I don't want to send a form letter or an uncaring e-mail. I know the writers are looking for feedback, some kind of input, but what to say. So, basically I say nothing. Stephen Markley has written a book about the process of trying to get a book published. Published This Book is a hilarious look at the life of a writer and is being published by Chicago's Sourcebooks.

Not only are they publishing this innovative book, but they are running a valuable promotion in conjunction. If you purchase Markley's book between March 9th and May 9th you will have the opportunity to submit your own manuscript to Sourcebooks and within two to six months you will receive a 2-4 paragraph critique of your submission. It's the opportunity to finally get some feedback on that project that you can't understand why it is being rejected. You can find more information on the "Tearing Down The Walls" promotion at Sourcebooks.


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  • Jason. This is just a friendly note from a fellow Chicagoan who cares about literature. Please proofread your posts. Seriously. Between punctuation and spelling errors (it's Sourcebooks with an "s"), I'm having trouble reading your posts (what on earth does crave-up mean?...it's in the previous post). Those of us who care about literature should really be making an effort to produce good literature with everything that we write, including blog posts.

  • Hey, thanks for the plug, Jason! If you ever want to do a Subtext interview, let me know. I'll also be at the Book Cellar on March 26th for a reading and signing.

  • Thanks for confirming this...I did read about the critique-with-purchase offer earlier on "Off the Markley," but I'm always thinking to myself, "How much of this is true...is he just being funny?" Looks like a good read. My husband just began writing a science fiction novel and this may inspire him to finish it...and quickly.

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