Mildred Pierce Zine Open Submission


The raw and clever zine Milred Pierce is looking for submissions. They specialize in cultural criticism, fiction, and art, and the theme for their fourth issue is Comedy and the Grotesque. Here is what they say they are looking for, "We are looking for pieces that explore contemporary and historical instances of grotesque comedy and/or the comedic grotesque as forms of escapism, as cultural exhaust valve and as haven for revolutionary speech and frank social dialogue. We are also looking for explorations of instances when comedy has maintained (perhaps shaped) the status quo and promoted repressive social practice. Of particular interest as well are those instances when reactionary forces from left, center and right have seen these things staring back from some grotesque or comic gesture, and felt the call to sensor or repress the gesture itself. Work which susses out the historical and philosophical complexities inherent in a piece of outrageous ribaldry-that's what we're after". The deadline is March 15th and you can send submission here:

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