News from Sam Pink

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This week Sam Pink shared a little news with the world through his blog. He announced that Audun Mortensen had been working on a translation of his debut collection, I Am Going To Clone Myself Then Kill The Clone And Eat It (Paper Hero Press), and the Norwegian press Flamme Forlag would be releasing a condensed and translated version this summer. Oddly, the new version will be I Love You.


Also, Sam gave an update on his newest collection Frowns Need Friends Too which will be released shortly by Afterbirth Books. Unfortunately, this collection will be among the four final releases of the press. Back in November the presses founder and editor Gina Ranalli announced on her blog that she would no longer able to keep the press functioning. "It is with a sad heart that I write to you today to let you know I have decided to close Afterbirth Books." She went on the state financial, health, and quality issues. It is a reality many small presses have had to face in the last year, but we are appreciate for the contribution that Gina and Afterbirth have made to the world of Bizzaro Lit. Look out for Sam's book in the coming months, and try to send Afterbirth out with a bang.


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