Are you on bkkeepr?


I know you probably have your fill of social networks with Twitter, foursquare, Facebook, and so on, but there is a network out there designed for the reader. No, I am not talking about Goodreads (although that is a good one), but I am talking about bkkeepr. From the perspective of the book reviewer and publisher this is a fascinating way to see what people are reading. For the reader its primary function is to allow you to track your progress through a book. Basically like a virtual bookmark. It's built using twitter, and is updated through twitter DM's. You can see the details on how to sign-up and post here. Since it is a new site there are some flaws. For example, since it operates through DM your updates are not linked back to your twitter or to facebook. They only show on your bkkeepr account. However, as improvements are made this could be a fun tool especially for book clubs or maybe competitive friends reading the same book.

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