Guest post: Danielle Chapman, director of literary arts & events


Ladies and gentlemen, we have a very special guest today! Please welcome Danielle Chapman, who works as Director of Literary Arts and Events at Chicago Dept. of Cultural Affairs the Chicago Cultural Center.

Thanks, Amy, for inviting me
to Chicago Subtext!  I must confess to (still) being a blogging
novice--apart from occasional, furious bouts of Facebook trolling, I
tend to remain somewhat buried under my stacks--but I'm excited to
have the chance to tell a bit about what we're doing at Cultural Affairs
to promote Chicago's publishers and writers.   

I'm more buried than usual
these days, as we're now in the process of expanding the Chicago Publishers
 at the Cultural Center--so my cubicle
currently must be entered through a person-sized hole in a wall of book-boxes. 
It's well worth the contortions, as it means we'll soon be including
hundreds more books, and many new and up-and-coming publishers and authors
in the gallery.  We'll also be giving the Randolph CafĂ© (on
the first floor of the Cultural Center) a new look, with four new book-themed
nooks and updated furnishings.  If you're a Chicago-area author
or publisher who would like your books to be in the gallery, please
let me know asap.

Folks should also tell me if
they want to be on our industry list, to find out about events that
we hold exclusively for those in Chicago's publishing world--which
includes publishers, writers, bloggers (of course!), booksellers,
and anyone else involved in pushing lit.  At our quarterly series
at Maxim's, we bring together literary sorts
from the city's far flung and various scenes to meet and form connections. 
A precise replica of Maxim's in Paris--and perhaps the reddest, most
velvety night-spot in Chicago--Maxim's brings out the inner literary
salon-goer in everyone, and it's a great place for new publishing
ideas to be born.  

We also host publishing-related
events at the Cultural Center, like the conversation between Aleksandar
Hemon and Jacob Weisberg on "The Future of the Book" back in June,
and the recent kick-off event for GRANTA's All-Chicago Issue earlier
this month.  And there's much more in store!  To find out
about what we're up to, email me to be added to our list, or check
Explore Chicago for new literary events. 

Before I sign off, I have to
tell you about the Chicago Artists Resource.  This awesome collection of
local and national resources for practicing artists in the visual arts,
dance, theatre, and music, will soon include a literary component, devoted
entirely to hooking Chicago's writers and publishers up with the services
they need.  We expect this to go live in early 2010, but in the
meantime, check out the site, which has tons of offerings for artists
of all stripes.

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