Viciedo could have a breakout year in 2013

Viciedo Training in Miami with Ramirez

Dayan Viciedo could have a bust out season in 2013. The 23 year old Cuban player will be entering his second full season with the Chicago White Sox. After a few years of bouncing around positions, Viciedo found a home in left field last year. Viciedo had a offensive stat line of .255/25 HR/ 78 RBI/ .300 OBP in 2012. It's a very respectable stat line for a first year free swinging young Cuban kid.

Viciedo grew in the 2012 season. He gained a comfort level in left field and by the end of the season was not considered a defensive liability. Entering Spring Training with a familiar position will be big for him. Viciedo will know what to expect in left field and look to improve defensively. Offensively, the kid is strong. He has one of the liveliest bats in MLB. What fans forget though is Viciedo is only 23. He has not even come close to nearing his ceiling. Viciedo, now has a idea of what the league is going to be offering him at the plate. Last year, pitchers started busting Viciedo inside to avoid allowing him to get his arms extended. It took time, but Viciedo slowly made some necessary adjustments.

I expect Viciedo to work closely with hitting coach Jeff Manto this Spring Training to make some necessary adjustments. He needs to cut down on his swing to avoid unnecessary strikeouts. Manto told he plans to add a slight leg lift to adjust his timing. Viciedo needs to be more selective in his pitch selection, which in return will increase his number of walks and OBP. The White Sox recently showed a video of Viciedo training in Miami along shortstop Alexei Ramirez. Viciedo looked strong and in shape, so he should be good to go when reporting to Glendale.

So what's a realistic expectation for Viciedo's offensive production in 2013? I think Viciedo will elevate all his offensive categories. I believe he can hit around .265-270/ 32 HR/ 87 RBI/ .325 OBP.  I know that may not seem like a huge increase, but those numbers likely equal more wins. Wins are what get you in the post season. I also expect to see Viciedo bat slight higher in the lineup this season. He was batting 7th or 8th last year, but I think he would fit nicely into the 6th spot.  With departures of AJ Pierzynski and Kevin Youkilis, the White Sox will be counting on Viciedo to elevate his production to replace their numbers. I'm not saying Viciedo will make the All Star team in 2013, but I expect him to turn a few heads as he takes the next step in his MLB career with the White Sox.

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